Best Ways To Get Free Steam Wallet Codes On 2019

Here are best methods to get steam codes for free, legally. No surveys, human verification or generator steps involved.

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Steam has been one of the front-runners in revolutionizing contemporary PC video gaming in the world today. Whether you are a casual gamer, a professional gamer or a video gaming journalist, your lives will have crossed paths with Steam in one way or the other.

One of the reasons for Steam’s vast user base is the almost unrivaled catalog of games they have to offer. From the latest games to the old classics, to free ones to the in-demand expensive ones, there is hardly anybody you would find who would say they would be disappointed after browsing through the steam store.

There is, however, one small hurdle which might break the hearts of a lot of people including you. Some of the hugely popular games are not free. A few of them cost a reasonable price while others practically make us feel the literal holes in our wallets.

Now if you do not have the money, to recharge your steam wallet, don’t lose hope because it isn’t the end of the world for you. You can use free steam wallet codes which will add money to your steam wallet so that you can buy any title of your choosing as long as you have the sufficient amount. This is basically the only way to get free steam money unless someone else gives you a steam gift card.

Free steam wallet codes will give you steam money in amounts of $5, $10, $20 or $50 and in this guide, we will guide you on how to get free steam money through free steam cards and steam wallet code generators (with a bit of luck on the side).

  1. PointsPrizes


The first option on our list is, which is pretty well known in its own right.

On this website, you earn points by completing surveys, promotions and advertisements, watching advertisements and by completing mini offers which you receive on a daily basis. Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem those points as free steam money by en-cashing them as free steam cards.

We don’t really have to tell you that the more surveys, offers you complete and ads you watch on a regular basis, the more points you earn. If you happen to be a resident in North America or western Europe, then you are more likely to receive higher rewarding surveys and promotions.

Another great way to earn fast is by inviting your friends, family and acquaintances. For every new member you invite through your invite code, you earn 10% of their total earnings. This can result in a massive boost to your earnings, in the long run, so get inviting by any means you can and share it all over your social media.

  1. SwagBucks


Swagbucks is another website which lets you earn ‘Swags’, their own form of in-website currency by completing various surveys, promotions and tasks such as social media shares, invites and electronic trade-ins.

You can earn points from the website itself, but if you do not have access to a desktop or laptop at all times, then you can also use the Android or iOS applications. This makes it easier when you are travelling, in between breaks at work or college, etc.

If free steam money isn’t your purpose, you can also exchange your ‘Swags’ for other things like Amazon gift cards, PlayStation cards, Xbox wallet codes, etc.

The first method which Swagbucks allows for you to earn ‘Swags’ is by using their own native search engine. So, if you are a regular user of Google or Bing, then you can switch to Swagbucks Search as your daily search engine and earn points while doing so. Now, you will not get points for every bit of searching you do and the amount of Swags you can earn at a particular time will vary each time which might become frustrating, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. You will run into a lot more ads than other search engines, and this might result in a slow searching experience. If you manage to keep at it for a long period of time, you will find yourself with a healthy amount of ‘Swag’.

The second method is by completing surveys, promotions or by watching ads on a regular basis. Surveys are the most rewarding, but the difficulty with surveys is that the high rewarding ones always have very specific criteria to meet. Promotions and ads are much easier to complete but are also less rewarding. You can watch ads the whole day and earn a good amount by the end of the day. We would recommend you to keep the ads constantly active on your mobile or tablet, so you can continue to run ads and earn points without even having to constantly be attached to the screen yourself.

The final method is by sharing referrals and inviting as many of your friends, acquaintances, family members, etc. to join Swagbucks. For each person who accepts your invitation and starts earning ‘Swag’ on Swagbucks regularly, you will get 10% of their total earnings. So, keep sharing your invites on your social media accounts, blogs, as video comments, tweets, etc. and start earning free steam money today!!

  1. EarnVenture


Earnventure is the final survey offer and ad viewing website on this list. On this website, you can earn free credits by completing tasks such as completing surveys, answering quizzes, downloading and using various sponsored applications from the google and apple stores or simply watching various advertisements on a daily basis. Once you have earned a set amount of credits, you can convert those credits and convert them into free steam money by withdrawing them as steam wallet codes. In case you decide to convert your points into real money, you can withdraw the equivalent amount into your Paypal accounts. Once the money is in your Paypal account, you can spend it on recharging your steam wallet with money so you can buy your favourite games. Their services are available worldwide to anyone who has the time to carry out these tasks.

  1. Steam wallet code generators

Another way which you can get free steam wallet codes is by using steam wallet code generators. We must warn you to be careful because a lot of these code generators can be scams or phishing portals which will ultimately end up causing you harm. So, please do the necessary research and approach these generators with caution. That being said, there are some legitimate generators which will give you free steam wallet codes and will not make you go through other tasks or surveys to get them. One such recommended generator is by ‘Reapinfo’, and you can visit the link Free Steam Codes | Reap Info.

  1. Online giveaways

Remember earlier in this write-up we mentioned a bit of luck? Well, this is where you will need it.

You can join these online giveaways on many websites, local events and by your favourite YouTubers who want to reward your free steam gift cards or wallet codes. You will find a lot of websites and youtube channels who try and give away to their audience from time to time. But we must warn you because sometimes it might just a marketing ploy or even phishing attempts.

So, if you do join these giveaways, then you will need a little of bit luck and perseverance. The more you join, the higher the chances for you to win some free stream money. We wish you the best and urge you to keep at it!!

Here are a few websites you can try –


So, this was our full guide on how to get free steam money. Let us know if any one of the above methods worked for you, and if you have any other known methods you would like to share, leave it down in the comments below.

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